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Summer Is Coming and It’s Going to Be AMAZING!

Here we are, we finally made it. Grades are submitted, pedi appointment has been secured, and sunglasses are perched atop of head. You’re ready for it: relaxation mode set to “ON” (cue pan flute).

But, if you’re like me, you are also thinking, “How do I keep (insert young person in your life) engaged with reading during the summer and avoid the summer slide?” Maybe the young person is your niece or nephew in Cheybogan. Or the cute twins you signed on to babysit or tutor. Or perhaps you have your own toddler running amuck in your house.

Whatever the case: Do not fear, Storytime Sue is here! Keeping the kiddos engaged is really about keeping reading fun — so here are some of my favorite suntime, funtimes!

  • Make it a Playdate! As a mother and an educator, I’m really digging the community of toddlers and families that I’ve met on the preschool scene. They are the perfect crowd to invite over for an interactive, book-themed play date. This week we’re reading Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site (with Novel Effect of course). Then we’ll set the kids loose in a big, ol’ pile of dirt with their diggers, construction equipment, and washable dolls to dig, dig, dig and build, build, build (no permits required). Here are some pretty great, additional activities for the book from the publisher as well.
  • Get Thee to the Library. You know the library is full of good stuff, and many of them have great free programs all summer long that you can participate in. Want to do something a little less structured? Grab that crumpled piece of paper in the bottom of your bag and brainstorm with your kids five or six things they’re interested in learning something new about. Then set them free on a Library Scavenger hunt, scouring the racks for related titles. (Don’t limit yourself to kid books, reference books are full of cool diagrams and information too!)
  • Camping, Camping, Camping It doesn’t even have to be in the wild! It can be in your backyard or your living room. Set up a tent, grab a flashlight, snuggle into a sleeping bag, and read some fun stories. I suggest Bear Snores On or All Aboard, National Parks: A Wildlife Primer (both available with wonderful accompanying soundscapes on the Novel Effect app). Discuss future travel adventures, both real and imagined.

Download Novel Effect for free in the App Store | on Google Play!

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