Welcome to Novel Effect 2.0!

Today is a big day here at Novel Effect, we’re excited to announce the release Novel Effect 2.0 on iOS and our first release on Android!

Today is a big day here at Novel Effect, we’re excited to announce the release Novel Effect 2.0 on iOS and our first release on Android!

We listened to what you loved about the old version of Novel Effect as well as suggestions on what we could do to improve as we planned and designed this update. Thank you, especially to our beta testers, for all of your suggestions, feedback, and cheers as we continue to regularly improve Novel Effect.

With powerful performance improvements and a more intuitive layout and design, we know you’ll love everything the new Novel Effect has to offer.

The first change you’ll see is our new logo. The ‘smile mic’ celebrates the happy, playful, and friendly nature at the core of Novel Effect. It’s a thoughtful evolution from our previous logo as we continue to grow.

The new layout of Novel Effect 2.0 is easier to use with 3 main sections: Home, My Library, and More.

The Home section is where you can easily discover new and favorite books for your next great read aloud.

Collections: We’ve added curated collections that group content based interests and what you want to read.

Search: You can now search by title, author, or subject to help you quickly find the book in your hand and start reading right away.

One of the biggest additions in Novel Effect 2.0 is the personalized ‘My Library’ section. Now  you can quickly access your Favorites, Downloads, and Recent Reads all in one place.

The updated book screen gives you better controls and easier navigation to get you reading quickly without distraction. Tap the Info section to learn about the book and the soundscape style. When you see the Get Ebook tab, you have the option to read with a free ebook (if available), or preview and buy the ebook from either Apple Books or Google Play Books. But remember, Novel Effect can run in the background while reading from any app, webpage, or print version of the book. If you’re ready to read aloud, just press the play button. When you hear the new start chime play Novel Effect is ready to follow along.

You can now share your favorite titles on Novel Effect, simply tap the share button to create a smart link. If your students, friends, and family don’t already use Novel Effect your link takes them to the right app store for their device. If they have Novel Effect installed the link opens the book screen for the title you shared directly on their app.

We’ve upgraded our ereader for better display and performance all around. You’ll find ebooks more easily and see they load faster so you can start reading right away..

Most importantly, Novel Effect 2.0 has powerful voice performance upgrades. The new Novel Effect is able to follow along more easily with different voices, accents, and even kids of many ages. You’ll experience better responsiveness during your read alouds, and may hear parts of a soundscape you never noticed before. These and other improvements also allow Novel Effect to run significantly better on a wider variety of devices than ever before.

The more section is a one-stop shop for managing your profile, and information about Novel Effect. Read FAQs, change your permissions, send us a quick email, or easily rate us in the App Store or on Google play… please 😉

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