Be a Storytime Hero in 2019

Happy New Year Novel Effect-ers!

new year-02

You made it through the holidays – the wonderful meals, the family fun, the late night festivities, and the seemingly non-stop gift giving.  And now it is time to kick off those new year’s resolutions!

We here at Novel Effect have made a company resolution and hope you will join us in your home, classroom or library: Get Every Child to Love Reading in 2019.  Throughout the year, we’ll be posting fun tips on social media about how to engage young readers, adding book lists to our website for different interests and age ranges, and sharing fun book-related activities on our blog to do with your kids.

To get us started, we thought we’d share some tried-and-true tips to entice kids to read:

  1. Show your love of reading

The number one thing to do? Model to your kids that YOU love to read. Ignore the cold weather outside, grab a good book and curl up with a cozy blanket. Your kids will want to know what you are reading and will be motivated to read on their own. Invite them to snuggle up with you!  Remember, if you are on your phone, they’ll want to be on your phone. If you relax with a book in your hand, they will soon follow suit.

  1. Create a reading nook

Carve out a special spot in your home for books and reading…and let your kids decorate it how they want.  Maybe they are craving a beach vacation or want to theme it for the book they are reading. Give them some flexibility to make it their own and make sure there are tons of books inside. You may want to designate it a screen-free zone!

  1. Let them choose what they want to read

Even if your kids don’t seem interested in books, they are interested in something. Elephants? Unicorns? Astronauts? Trucks? There is a book for that! Take your kids to the library and let them pick out their own reading materials. Fun Fact: Dav Pilkey’s mom did this when he was a young, reluctant reader and he picked out comics and humor books…today Dav is the bestselling author of the Captain Underpants and Dog Man series!

  1. And of course, read aloud

Every child enjoys being read to – and children learn to read best when they hear the same stories over time in a meaningful context (such as snuggled in bed with mom and dad or on a grandparent’s lap). This is also the perfect opportunity to incorporate Novel Effect and turn yourself into a master storyteller. With more than 200 titles (and growing) in our library, your kids are sure to find something that will have them saying, “Read it again!”.

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Reading aloud with Novel Effect!

Victoria Burwell is Chief Marketing Officer at Novel Effect, bringing with her an extensive background leading creative marketing teams in publishing and ed-tech. She holds degrees in economics, marketing and education, but her real chops are as Parent Expert in Training to Vita (7) and Max (6). She lives with them in Seattle along with her husband and two cats (who think they are dogs….).

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