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Summer Reading Fun and Adventures

Summer is a great time to explore and try something new. Whether it’s a new beach, a new park, or a new camp, the break from the daily grind of school allows young minds to make all sorts of discoveries.


Research shows the “Summer Slide” can cause the kiddos to lose some of what they learned the previous school year, but ask any child and they’ll tell you that summer is all about adventure and trying new things! There are plenty of fun ways to incorporate the brain-boosting activity of reading into your summertime fun! Our team shared their favorite summer soundscapes and the ways they inspire their own families to spend some hot sunny days with their nose in a book!

Here are some of our suggestions, inspired by titles you can find in the Novel Effect library:

1. “Make a Joyful Noise”


Make your own joyful noises! “Make a Joyful Noise” is a short poem you can read using the free e-book right in the app. Open the poem, tap ‘read book,’ and then tap ‘open free ebook’ to read together as a family. When you’ve finished, encourage your children to use their imaginations to write their own poem and make their own music and sound effects. Take a video and tag us (@Novel_Effect) – we love showcasing your creativity!


2. Fight the Monday Blues


We love featuring independent, self-published authors and small publishers to help you expand your bookshelves at home. Books like Alycat and the Monday Blues offer unique characters and stories your children probably haven’t read before. Keep reading fresh by trying one of these new titles. You can connect with the authors like Alyson Foti Borque and let the author (and your friends) Then, hop on social media and let the author, and your friends, know how much you loved their work!


3. Scavenger Hunt All the World


Use the books you’re reading as an inspiration to discovery by using your favorite books as the framework for a scavenger hunt! Hello Baby has lots of animals that you can search for at the zoo. “A Marching Band of Vitamins” is a another free ebook that highlights fruits and vegetables you’d find at a farmer’s market. All the World lists items you can find in a variety of locations that range from a beach to your family gatherings or home kitchen. Engaging with the words of the story and the sounds from Novel Effect soundscape in this deep way increases understanding and gives you an excuse to both read and explore more!


We love hearing your ideas for how you’re keeping your children’s brains active this summer. Head on over to our Facebook Page to join the conversation with other parents who love reading with their kids!

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