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How to Do Story Time Like a Pro: Parents

At Novel Effect, we LIVE for story time. We’ve spent years mastering story times, so we thought it was high time we shared some of that info with you! For the next three months, we’re bringing you a series of tips on how to be a master storyteller in any situation. This month, we’re focusing on story time at home. Next month, it’s educators in a classroom. We’ll end the series with story time events like at libraries and bookstores.

As the school year winds down (whoa, that was fast) we want to keep our little learners engaged in literacy experiences even when they’re not in the classroom. Here are seven ways you can jazz up story time at home to get your little readers coming back for more…


  1. Set up an awesome story corner


It doesn’t have to be fancy, just fun. Get a bunch of pillows to lean up against and a snuggly blanket.


  1. Review the story before you read

Get to know the story so you can ask questions and expand on your child’s enjoyment and understanding.


  1. Get a special book box

Decorate or wrap a box with a lid, place a few favorites and maybe a new title in it and let your child “unwrap” the day’s selections. Novel Effect has over 130 titles, check out the stories you can read with our app and include one of those for a magical story experience.


  1. Read the title and the author names


The simple but oft overlooked step of reading the title of the story and the author name provides children with book understanding basics they’ll use later in life.


  1. Relate the story to personal experiences

Discuss family happenings and events to develop a connection to the text and your child.


  1. Use Novel Effect to enhance the experience

Summer days are exhausting (who am I kidding, every day is exhausting when you’re a parent!) Reading stories out loud with our app will enhance the experience and add some much needed energy to tired moms and dads.


  1. Have fun!

Mother And Baby Daughter Reading Book In Playroom Together

Story time shouldn’t be a chore, it should be quality time, well-spent. You’re doing everything right already, because you’re reading your child a book! Way to go!

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