Novel Effect Goes to Shark Tank!


The entire Novel Effect team is excited to share that we’ll be featured on Season 9 episode 6 of ABC’s Emmy-Award winning show, Shark Tank at 9|8c October 29th. Storytime with Novel Effect is sure to make a splash!

We launched Novel Effect just over two years ago, to help every parent unlock the magic hidden between the pages of a favorite book. This summer, co-founders Matt and Melissa Hammersley had the chance to pitch our family focused, voice interactive reading app to the Sharks, including guest Shark and founder of Spanx, Sara Blakely.

At Novel Effect, our mission is to get kids, parents, and teachers excited about reading out loud together. We’ve combined traditional books with voice-first technology to create a one of a kind reading experience. Novel Effect follows along as you read a kids book out loud, adding theme music, sound effects, and even characters voices in just the right places. Books become more engaging than ever before with voice augmented storytelling.

It’s been the opportunity of a lifetime to share our system with such a large audience. We look forward to adding more families to our growing community of readers.

In honor of making storytime magic on Shark Tank, check out these inspiring books you can find in the Novel Effect app below.

Be Who You Are by Todd Parr
Be Who You Are
By Todd Parr
Cartoonish, cute, and colorful, Todd Parr’s simplistic style distills the complex idea of self-acceptance into an approachable subject for your littlest ones. His silly characters explores what they love, and an articulate dog shows how he shares his feelings. Celebrate what makes you unique with this encouraging book.

What Do You Do With An Idea?
By Kobi Yamada
Softly investigating the strength required to believe in yourself, this story and soundscape follow a child who discovers an idea. Unsure of what others will think, the child keeps it at a distance, nearly abandoning the idea in moments of doubt. But as the child gains confidence, the music crescendos and swells, culminating in something more beautiful than the child could ever imagine.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be
Emily Winfield Martin
Kind, creative, or clever, the potential for what children can be is boundless. They might become artists who paint with broad strokes, or they might become doctors who care for the sick. Whatever they become and however they grow, they will always be special, because they will always be loved.

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