Internet Round Up: Pirate Edition

Rrrrrr, Mateys! It’s time for another edition of Internet Round Up on today, the most talk-like-a-pirate of days! Here’s some of our latest and greatest news coverage from around the world, the internet, and the seven seas – and as an added treat at the end, we’ve thrown in some fun pirate-y stuff for you to enjoy!

Novel Effect Coverage:

Sonic Expressions, J Walter Thompson Intelligence

Japanese Coverage from Gizmodo

The ‘Novel Effect’ App Uses Voice Recognition Technology, Trendhunter

Startup uses voice recognition to enhance bedtime stories, SpringWise

Japanese Coverage from Addlight Journal

Read for Later – “You still get engagement, you still get interactivity. But they’re not staring at a screen and you’re actually encouraging face-to-face personal communication”, ALA’s Libraries of the Future

Startup Spotlight: Novel Effect aims to make story time more magical for kids using voice recognition technology, GeekWire

Dutch Coverage from GertKoot: Branded Entertainment

Spice Up Bedtime Stories with Own Sound Effect, Cool Business Ideas

This App May Be the Future of Bedtime Stories, MIT Technology Review

A Voice Recognition App Adds Sound Effects While You Read to Your Kids, Mental Floss

This Startup Is Using Voice Recognition To Reshape Bedtime Stories, PSFK

-Storytime with a smartphone?, Science Node

Alexa Accelerator Names 9 Startups for Inaugural Amazon and Techstars Program, GeekWire

Amazon’s Alexa Accelerator Announces Its First 13-Week Startup Class, Venture Beat

Amazon Alexa Accelerator Begins in Seattle with Nine Startups, Xconomy

Introducing the First Alexa Accelerator Class, Alexa Blog

The Story of Bedtime Into a Magic Movie, SV Insight (Chinese)

Coworking vs. Accelerators vs. Incubators: The Ultimate Guide for Startups, All Works

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Consumer Experience, AT&T Foundry

 Pirate Fun:

What’s Your Pirate Name? (I’m Red Belly Bob)

Make Your Own Pirate Ship

Read Up on Famous Pirates (Guys AND Gals!)

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