3 Tips to Survive “Back to School”

Now that Labor Day is behind us, there’s no getting around it. School is back! The change in routines, peers, teachers, and workload can be a daunting task for kid and parent alike. We’ve compiled three tips to help you through the transistion!

Tip 1. Set Goals.

Studies continue to show that having clearly defined, written out goals make you far more likely to achieve them. Same holds true for your little one. Set a goal of reading together every night, learning one new word a day, or being able to write their name, and then keep track in a fun way, like on the fridge for all to see. Novel Effect can make that reading together time more engaging!

Tip 2. Save time. Get essentials online.

Save on gas, store breakdowns, and time. Shop for the easy essentials online. Bundles can help save money, and the headaches you won’t get will be grateful. Of course, shop local for any fun, unique items (like a cool backpack or local-themed clothing), but the staples, like this Back to School Bundle Box, are best obtained in the easiest way possible.

Tip 3. Make a Car-mergency Bag.

The time will come when you pull into the drop-off line only to discover a left lunchbox, an unbrushed mouth, the wrong equipment for band/PE. Have an emergency bag in your car full of lunch money, hair brushes, sugar-free gum, gym socks, and breakfast bars. Be sure to include things your family forgets the most!

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